At Kitchen Works, we craft the very best kitchens for the money-- anywhere.
Our designs are only limited to several things… your budget, and our combined imaginations.
Our custom cabinets allow for unlimited choices in materials, designs, colors and finishes. Framed cabinets (traditional), frameless cabinets (European) in woods like oak, cherry, maple, hickory, and other available wood. We've got door styles by the hundreds, with thousands of combination details, in any color you can dream up. We've got counters of Dupont Corian, Natural granites, and laminates by Wilsonart and Formica.
Imagine the possibilities…Our "Semi custom" line utilizes specific materials, specific door styles, specific sizes, and unlimited colors. This option combines the strength of a multi million dollar corporation with the strength of Kitchen Works. Again, imagine the possibilities…
We also offer several stock programs like everyone else in the kitchen business. Here you're thinking primarily about your budget. Very limited to what "they" offer, and we can do a very nice job of putting it all together. What separates us here is our skill level building custom kitchens.

  Our cabinets and drawers look just as good on the inside as they do on the outside because we utilize cutting-edge fabrication technologies combined with good old-fashioned joinery techniques. If a drawer looks like oak, it is oak. We don’t believe in skimping.
  In fact, we'll always use the very best materials and hardware your budget can bear, because we know it will save you money in the long run. (not to mention the aggravation of having to do your kitchen over- for a second time). And everything we make is built, stained and finished locally, right here in Western Massachusetts, so it gets done right- the first time.


  It's pretty easy to slap a few boards together, glue on some laminate and call it a kitchen. And it's even easier to take somebody's hard-earned cash while you're at it- it happens all the time. Well, we don’t work that way. When you buy a kitchen from us, you're not just buying counters or cabinets or drawers. You're buying our expertise.
  We understand how materials work - by themselves, and in conjunction with others. We know which tools to use-and when to use them. What colors are "in" right now- and what colors will work best with your existing décor. We work hard to keep on top of every trend and development that might impact our business because we believe that it’s the balanced combination of traditional woodworking techniques and contemporary technologies that will create tomorrow's classic kitchens. We figure we owe you that.


  Kitchen-Works is staffed entirely by cabinetmakers. We're craftspeople, not simply installers, and that means a lot. We're trained to analyze each space before we build in it. To think before we act. To speak your language, whether you're a homeowner or an architect, a contractor or an interior designer.
  Over the past twenty years we've worked on everything from museum quality, one of a kind pieces of furniture to multiple unit ATM surrounds, to bank counters, entertainment centers, desks and hutches. Computer stations in unlimited designs to match any décor and kitchens, kitchens and more kitchens.

  If you choose to work with us, you'll work directly with a principal. An owner. Someone who has a vested interest in the ultimate success of your project, and who is ready to do whatever is necessary to ensure that success- unlike the second-string crews sent out by the big kitchen "factories".
  To us, a kitchen isn't just another room- it’s the heart and soul of any home. It's where a family really lives. So whether we're retained to construct, remodel, or renovate it, we won't stop working until the results fulfill your expectations. All of them. People talk a lot about service these days- we guarantee it

  Even as you read this, somebody, somewhere is nursing a hot cup of coffee or baking a cake or scolding a wet golden retriever in one of our kitchens. We'd welcome the opportunity to show you a portfolio of some of our recent projects or even to put you in touch with some of our clients; just give us a call and we'll be happy to arrange an appointment.

  From the warmth and charm of Victorian oak and brass to the avant-garde minimalism of Euro-style, Kitchen Works can interpret and construct the kitchen you see in wood or laminate, ceramic tile, stainless steel, even space-age composites. And your vision doesn't have to stop at the kitchen door. We can extend the theme right into the dining room and throughout the house with additional custom cabinetry.


  In today's difficult economy, there are an ever-growing number of situations in which we don't actually hammer a single nail ourselves, yet still find a lot of ways to help people construct their new kitchens.
  We often work with do-it-yourselfers as design consultants or technical assistants on a per-project basis, and have developed an exciting new concept we call Do It Yourself Insurance. What it means is: if you find yourself puzzled or stymied by some aspect of kitchen construction or remodeling, you can retain Kitchen - Works on a flat fee basis to function in whatever capacity necessary to help bring your project to a successful conclusion.
  Because the do it yourselfer determines the level of our involvement, it's an idea that is fast becoming a popular and affordable alternative for many people who might otherwise not be able to even consider new construction or remodeling in the present down market.

  Everyone has a favorite story of the plumber who didn't show up for three weeks, or the siding company who didn't show up for three months, or the painter who still hasn't shown up. There's a two-word phrase for what we think of that approach to doing business, but we won't repeat it here.
  Suffice it to say that it's not our way. If you're our customer, we'll be there whenever you need us- tomorrow, next week, or next month. The way we see it, it's a privilege to work with you. We'd be foolish to abuse it.

  We'll work from sketches on a paper napkin or blueprints from an architect, pictures from a magazine or any other form that gets your ideas into our shop. Curves, angles, corners, slim, fat, round, square, trapezoid…




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